LinkedIn Tips

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DW Consulting Solutions’ Monthly Newsletter

TIP 1 – In transition? New! LinkedIn now offers a #opentowork photo frame for your profile head shot. Impactful if you do not have to ‘stay under the radar’ with your job seeking efforts. How: Click here for details

TIP 2 – Super-optimize your Headline New! The option to add 100 additional characters to your headline is now available on the desktop app. We suggest a mix of more keywords along with a brief value proposition statement. How: Create your headline in a Word doc to track the # of characters to a maximum of 220. Then visit profile > tap the pencil icon to the right of More > delete the old headline > copy/paste the new one > Save. The extended headline will display on all devices. Great for improved SEO.

TIP 3 – About section now longer New! You may now add 600 more characters to the About section. Use bullets to break up paragraphs for improved readability. Be sure to tell Viewers why they should consider you. How: Click the pencil icon to the right of the About header. Create your verbiage in Word so you can track the # of characters up to a max of 2,600. Then copy/paste back to the template and Save. Always include a CTA (call to action).

TIP 4 – Sign up 4 free LinkedIn Webinars this month! See calendar for details!

TIP 1- Skills Max out the 50 entries allowed for the best SEO (search engine optimization) possible. It is up to you to pin your ‘top 3’ and this is a suggestion for all members, not just job seekers. LinkedIn will only display the first 3 listed. The Viewer has to tap ‘show more’ for the rest. How: Click the pencil icon across from the header; unpin the ones you wish to replace; pin the desired ones; SAVE.

TIP 2Polls (New!) We’re still evaluating the real value of this option. How: Top of Home page, Start a Post, choose Create a Poll and follow the steps. Be mindful of what LinkedIn will not allow!

TIP 3Search Yourself on LI Do you have a long-forgotten second (or third) account? The LI User Agreement requires you to commit to having one account! LI will help you to merge accounts and the Connections, if you want to save them, into the account you will keep. How: Steps

TIP 4 – Sign up for our 3 free LI Webinars this month! See Debbie’s Calendar

FREE LinkedIn Premium Membership

Did you know that LinkedIn will give Veterans a free 1-year Premium Membership (valued at almost $600)? LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job acquisition or transition! We want to thank all Veterans, past and present, for all you do and continue to do for our country.