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We’ve seen it time and time again, the biggest factor that holds you back from ranking on local searches...

The biggest factor that holds you back from getting awesome results in local search is having incorrect or inconsistent citations. This is the #3 negative ranking factor according to David Mihms (SEOMoz) most recent ranking factors survey.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You move and get a new address
  • You get a new phone number
  • You have variations of your business name
  • Aggregators just pick up incorrect information about your business and display the incorrect NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number).

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This can result in big problems and paralyzed rankings. Each citation you have is a “vote” for you to rank higher. If these votes are going to different NAP combinations, there’s no way you can collect the juice you need to rank higher.

These need to be fixed, and we are going to do it for you!

Fixing these issues isn’t an easy ordeal. Every citation source is different and as a result, a lot of manual labor is required to contact each site to correct the information.

This is why we put together our Local Citation Clean Up Service, where you can just push a button and our team of trained experts will:

  • Complete A Full Citation Audit For Your Business
  • Locate All The Incorrect Information
  • Contact Each Citation Source Individually
  • Fix All Of Your Citation Issues
  • Deliver Detailed, Comprehensive Report

We do this all to make sure you have the best opportunity to rank (and crush your competitors).
We essentially do all the work for you, and give you a pretty report at the end.

Business Listings and Citations
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"As a chiropractor word of mouth has always been our top priority with marketing, we had put very little stock into our website. About two years ago, we decided to make our digital presence more sound and hired Bob Beck and his team to build our website. I have significantly increased the amount of new patients that find us online and their response as to why they choose us over others on google search is always because our website Is the Best! our site tells the story of who we are and our patients love that. They feel more comfortable with us before they even come in for first appointment. I look forward to moving ahead in 2020 with a full service digital marketing plan led by Mr. Beck. Thanks to our website, I now have a 24/7 sales team working with very little effort on my part, thanks!"
Dr. Nick Maio
Owner Natural Health Chiropractic P.C.