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The tools, tactics & processes listed below can be a bit overwhelming, and we get that. Especially for a business that may be doing their due diligence as it pertains to putting a “Marketing Plan” together, a “Roadmap” if you will.

The internet has become the “Centralized Hub” in our everyday lives. Businesses sometimes struggle with all of the different channels and “touchpoints” e.g. Social Media, Video, SEO, Chatbots.

Do I need to be on all of these channels to succeed?

Short answer, probably not. But you definitely need a plan!

Because when you boil it down, no matter what platforms and channels make sense for you and your business, it comes down to good, relevant content for your audience. And think of Google and Bing as part of your audience, because A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) has taken over and gets smarter every day. You may have heard the term “Algorithms”, that is basically what AI uses to select how a businesses internet properties are ranked.

So understanding that, some or all of the following list of tools and tactics may be used so you can use the internet and all that it has to offer to your advantage!

Conversion Funnels & Marketing Automation Platform

Our New Client Acquisition and Marketing Automation Platform is a complete solution to help any business manage customers, sales pipelines, email marketing and advertising under one “roof”. It wasn’t too long ago that this “Technology Stack” was reserved for big budgets, basically out of reach for small and midsize businesses. Let us show you this Marketing System to grow your business! 

Marketing Systems for the Small and Medium Size Business

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GetResponse: For many businesses, their accounting software acts as a pseudo Customer Relations Manager (CRM). In other words, they don’t need to manage their sales pipeline or have a sales team managing leads. But, they do need an easy to use affordable Marketing Platform! We have been setting up GetResponse for clients for over 5 years, and they love it! Some of our clients manage it themselves, but most collaborate with us to create and manage marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing and automation

Every client is different, and can choose how they want to work with us.

After onboarding is completed, clients usually fall into one of three categories:

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