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Palm Beach County

Upcoming Event: "Mind Your Business"

The Office of Equal Business Opportunity is hosting a young entrepreneur event on August 12th. If you know a young business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, be sure to share this information with them! It could be the spark someone needs to take the next step to starting their business. These events also foster business ideas and create a great “Business Networking” opportunity. Networking is how business gets done, especially for new business owners. And, “Sales and Negotiating” are critical skills that must be honed. You can get the best business mentoring and sales training on the planet right here in South Florida!!! Business and Sales Training courses 

Visit the website:

Or, contact Tonya Davis Johnson:

Office of Equal Business Opportunity Director

50 S. Military Trail,

Suite 202

West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Phone: 561-616-6840

Palm Beach County

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