How Geofencing Marketing Can Vastly Improve Your Trade Show

Marketing is often the make or break detail in any business plan. Even the simplest changes to a marketing plan can win you customers.

What happens when you take all of this out into trade shows?  What happens when getting people’s attention means competing with dozens if not hundreds of other businesses?

Have you tried geofencing marketing? 

Here is how it may help you succeed in your next trade show or event.

What is Geofencing Marketing

Technology has done wonders for marketing. The amount of communication you can put out to your customers, both new and old, is staggering.

Geofencing is putting that same communication up several notches.

When you use geofencing, you are creating an area of automatic advertising. Any technology that uses location identification can be used for geofencing

Geofencing wraps a particular location in a bubble of automatic messaging. It works as soon as a program on the customer’s smartphone moves into your fenced location. The program hits them with your specific, branded marketing.

When doing a trade show, ensuring that anyone in the immediate area knows all about you can make a huge difference. 

How Geofencing is Helping

Geofencing not only helps push your brand and your location, but also the future of your business beyond the individual show. Here are the big reasons why.

1. Brand Awareness

Trade shows are big places. It can be easy to get lost in them, both for a business’s booth and for the consumer. 

What if your booth was broadcasting to everyone who stepped into the trade show? 

Geofencing puts your name on their mind. When someone goes to a trade show and they find your ad, it only adds legitimacy to your business. 

2. Increased Traffic

When you can catch someone’s attention with a targeted ad, chances are good that they are curious. 

Both in and out of trade shows, foot traffic is a great catch-all for new business. Customers find it easy to pop into a booth or shop to look around. As soon as they come in, you have a chance to reel them in on a permanent basis.

Geofencing gives you this ability to stake a virtual claim on your surrounding area. This works wonders for standing out at trade shows. It works even better for stores with a physical location.

3. Gathering Data

A sign of good marketing is how clear cut and potent your net gains can be. 

Geofencing puts a lot of the detail gathering into its own program. You can determine how well your marketing brings people by tracking how many reacted to the ad. 

This can also be key to sorting out your best-desired location, both at trade shows and beyond.

Where do people travel? What key things attract them to you? Is there a location that gets more traffic than others? You can sort all of these things through good geofencing marketing.

Putting Your Marketing to Work

Figuring out what works best for your business is always a hurdle. Geofencing marketing is a strong tool in an already overflowing toolbox of modern marketing.

Need more help figuring out where to go from here? We can help!

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