Using Images to Dramatically Increase Lead Generation and Conversion Rates

Using Images in your marketing

The human mind processes image-based content 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Additionally, 90% of all the content that our brain processes is visual.

Because of the way that our brains work, image content is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It keeps businesses memorable, helps with lead generation, and drives conversions. Read on to learn why this is and how you can harness the power of images for your business.

Images and Content Marketing: The Basics

When you use images on your small business website, you create a comprehensive image of your company. You’re visually appealing, and people will remember your website better. Plus, they’re more likely to think you’re modern, up-to-date, and professional. This is especially important since 75% of consumers judge a business’s reputation by its website.

Because people process images so quickly, using them on your website means that more visitors will understand what you have to offer. Product photos help people feel more confident in their decisions to work with you. Images related to your services keep people engaged with the content because they’re eye-catching and easier to comprehend.

Don’t believe these lofty claims? That’s fair if you don’t have all the evidence. Luckily, we have some stats to back this up:

  • 41% of businesses say that pictures and infographics are the single best way they’ve achieved marketing goals
  • People understand and grasp 55% more written information when it comes with an image
  • Personalized imagery makes cart abandonment rates go down by 17%
  • Content with images gets 2x as many shares as content without it, which gives you way more leads to assess with expert help
  • Images are proven to equate to 200% higher conversion rates, including both following lead magnets and making purchases

Why Do Images Boost Lead Generation?

At this point, you’re probably wondering why images are such an effective content marketing tool. Beyond faster processing and higher information retention, people expect to see images in the digital age. They make a site look more colorful, engaging, and appealing.

Smartphone users especially expect to see image-based content on their screens. It’s hard to read text on tiny mobile phones, and photos make navigating a page significantly easier. They can see photos, click them, and get more information about the products that they see.

In fact, studies show that products with attached images get 94% more clicks than those that only describe them using text.

It’s also important to note that many people make purchases for emotional reasons. If your business or services feel right to them, they’ll follow lead magnets and take action to boost your conversions. Emotions make for a powerful and effective marketing tool, and a positive image leads to positive feelings.

A mascot or logo image also makes your business feel more authentic and interesting. They give visitors a character to bond with, which is especially impactful if your mascot has a name and a personality that matches your brand voice. It has a memorable branding effect, manipulates emotions the right way, and makes your marketing motif clearer.

How Can You Drive Conversions With Images?

Still, in order to boost conversions as much as possible, you’ll need to harness images the right way. You can’t just slap any photo on your page and call it a day. You’ll need to create a professional website with relevant images that make sense.

First of all, it’s important that you put images in locations that are relevant to what you’re showing. You don’t want a product photo on a blog post that’s about an unrelated service. Instead, put that image on a product page where you’re trying to drive sales.

Make Yourself Stand Out

Make sure that you always think outside the box when it comes to photo-based content, too. You want something that makes you stand out, and having the same stock photos as your competitors isn’t going to make you memorable.

Try having images that you can zoom in on and interact with. Let people click on parts of the image to explore that area more closely. You can put information about the part that they’ve clicked on there, how it works, and why it will solve their specific pain points.

Images that rotate 360 degrees are also a great choice. This can boost conversions by 27% because of how unique it is. People will think that it’s a fun spin on your website and get excited about remaining on the page.

This also reduces your bounce rate, so it’s an SEO win as well!

Foster a Human Connection

There’s been a lot of scientific research on the ways that using images with human faces builds a human connection between your business and your audience. When an online art shop, Medalia Art, swapped out painting images for artist headshots, conversion rates shot through the roof. 95% more people engaged with their products after the switch!

There are a lot of reasons for this. Humans are social creatures, and we like the idea of connecting with and caring for other people. Seeing another person in website photos makes people feel instantly connected with it because they understand that someone like themself is behind the website.

If you show someone enjoying your services, they’ll think, “Wow. This product solved that person’s problems, and their issues are similar to mine. Maybe it’ll solve my problems too, so I should buy it or fill out a contact form.”

That’s generally good for business!

Also, showing images of people praising and enjoying your products will make new visitors feel validated. They’ll feel more confident in their decision to buy from you if they see someone else happy with it. Third opinions always help.

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how to use images to boost lead generation and drive conversions, it’s time to get started. Minding My Business’ digital marketing agency is committed to helping businesses create comprehensive marketing plans to stay memorable and competitive.

Our team will help you come up with an individualized plan to boost your business online. We’re excited to help you grow, so contact us with any remaining questions you have.



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