3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Video Marketing

Think about this: 87% of marketing professionals use, and plan to use, video as a key part of their marketing strategy. But why? Why are businesses relying on professional video marketing?

Let’s look at three of the biggest reasons why video content is taking over marketing strategies.

1. It’s What People Want

To put it simply, consumers want to watch videos more than they want to read text or look at images. 78% of people watch online videos once per week, and over 55% of people watch online video every day.

Not only are they watching online video, but they expect video content. 54% of consumers expect and want brands they use and buy to create more video content, and that same number of people prefer videos over other types of marketing materials.

So even if you don’t think you’re ready for video content, your customers are. 

2. Improve SEO Ranking

Google and other search engines are beginning to favor video content in their SEO ranking system. How does it do this?

The amount of time someone stays on your website can impact your ranking. If someone goes on and clicks off right away, that’s bad news for your ranking. Video, however, keeps people on your page for a longer amount of time. This can greatly boost your ranking on search engines.

You can also optimize the video itself with keywords, boost your traffic, increase revenue, and increase engagement, all of which can improve your SERP ranking. In fact, one study showed that websites using effective video marketing increased the likelihood of ranking on the first page of a SERP by 53 times.

3. Increase Revenue, Traffic, and Engagement

So we just said that video content can increase traffic, revenue, and engagement. Now it’s time to prove that to you.


We mentioned this earlier, but let’s say it again: video increases dwell time on websites. This increases overall engagement along with the SEO benefits we mentioned.

Add that to the fact that video generates around 1200% more shares than other content types and the fact that 92% of consumers share videos with other people, and you can see just how much engagement is boosted by video. 


Want to increase your organic SERP traffic by 157%? How about experience growth 49% faster than other companies?

All of that can be achieved via professional video marketing.


As you can imagine, all of these benefits lead to increased revenue. You’ll have increased traffic and engagement to get you exposed to new audiences and new leads. You’ll also be giving existing consumers exactly what they want (aka video content), which will keep them around. 

That doesn’t even take into account that video content can increase conversions by 80%!

Ready to Put Together a Video Marketing Plan?

The importance of video marketing is clear. Not only is the importance substantial, but the prominence of video makes it an essential part of any business marketing plan.

So are you ready to pull out the camera and create your first video? We can help with all things Internet marketing. Contact us today to get started.

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